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Surprisingly, I am not an advocate for getting a subscription for EVERYTHING, but I find it's a cool idea for those things that you want to do more of but getting over the mental block of booking, planning, paying...etc. can be a big deal. But if you pay up front for the month or year, you then don't have to worry, you just get to EXPERIENCE.

That is what I want to provide for my clients. A hassle-free, year long experience. How often have you thought it's time to get family photos taken but you stress with, "okay, now I have to find a photographer, how much is this going to cost, are they even available this month?" and so on. And then life inevitably gets in the way and booking a photography session falls to the bottom of the list. Well, with a subscription, you only pay once (or you may choose a monthly payment plan), and you will receive 4 half-hour photo sessions throughout the year (the price works out to giving you one free session AND a free USB) and other cool perks. You can book the sessions in just one phone call or email, or you can book them as the year progresses. How does that work exactly? So for example, let's say you know you want a photo session for every season of the year. So you'll sign up for the subscription, call (or email), and book your sessions right away for each season coming up. you write them on the calendar and DONE! Now you don't have to worry about planning/booking/paying for THE ENTIRE YEAR.

Or, let's say you're not sure yet when you want the sessions but you know you will use them. No problem! You can use them as the year progresses. Is your child having a big birthday this summer and you want a photographer to capture the event? Great! One session will count towards 30 minutes of birthday coverage (or you can combine them for longer coverage). Did your child just start kindergarten and you want to remember this time? And how about another session once s/he graduates kindergarten? You have FOUR sessions to use so use them up!

Who would benefit most from this subscription plan?

- New moms: use these for a lifestyle newborn session, 6 months old, 1 year

- Families with small children: this is the year you document! Every family will receive a family book (album) at the end of the year to reflect back on these times.

- Those who want variety: We can do an indoor session one time, for example, and a different outdoor location the other times.

If you'd like a subscription or would like more information, send me an email at or click the "CONTACT" button below.

I am limiting my subscribers to only 5 families a year (on a rotating basis) to make sure I don't get overloaded and so that there's enough availability to go around.

Here are some details and FAQs:

$1295 | Yearly Subscription​

4 sessions per year

(one for each season!)

All digitals included (40+)

15% off prints

FREE family book at end of year for keepsakes

($1800+ value in total!)


Can I sign up anytime during the year or are there entry dates?

You may sign up at anytime given there are spots available. If not, you'll be placed on a waiting list. When you sign up, you are on a 12 month plan. For example, if you sign up this month (August 2018), your year will last until the same day in August of 2019.

I paid the yearly amount but we need to cancel before the subscription time ends. Can we do that?

Yes, you may cancel at any time but the refund amount will depend on where you are in your yearly plan and how many sessions you have used at that point.

I'm having a 25th wedding anniversary party and would like it to be photographed. Can I use one of my sessions for the party?

Yes! Your sessions cannot be used for weddings but you may use them for birthday parties, anniversaries, senior sessions, etc. You can combine the sessions, too. For example, if you'd like me to photograph your child's birthday party for two hours, you can do that, but keep in mind you'd be using all 4 sessions. (Newborn sessions count for 2 because of the extra time needed).

Can I combine my sessions? For example, I would like a 1 hour session instead of the standard 30 minute.

Yes! See question above.

Can I use one of my sessions on your Fall Minis?

Unfortunately, no. Special mini events, such as the Fall Minis & Spring Minis are their own unique events and cannot be used toward subscriptions. You may, however, book your session in that season to get great photos at that time of year.

Are there refunds if I need to cancel?

Yes! See question above.

Can I pay monthly? What is the amount?

Yes! The monthly amount is $107.92.

Can I purchase this for another family?

Yes! In this case, the total amount is due at time of booking and is non-refundable (like a gift card).

What if I have leftover sessions by the end of the year? Do they carry over to the following year?

No, they do not carry over and your subscription does NOT automatically renew at the beginning of your next 12 month rotation.

Can I buy additional prints from each session?

Yes! Additional product may be purchased and you automatically receive a 15% discount!

What is included in the subscription?

You'll receive 4 (half hour) long shoots anytime throughout the year.

All final images in digital format on a custom USB.

15% off print orders.

Bonus (FREE) family book at end of year.

You charge $99 for a regular mini photoshoot. Why is the yearly subscription $1295?

I'm glad you asked! A regular photoshoot does not include prints or digitals, so that is something to keep in mind. Let's do some math together! 4 regular mini photoshoots would cost you $396 in session fees. If you were to buy, let's say, a USB of 10 photos ($350) from each session, that would be $1400 for a total of $1,796. By going the subscription route, you are saving a total of $501. Not to mention the other bonuses you'll receive like discounts on prints and a free photo book (see question before this one).

I have additional questions. Can I contact you?

Yes! Anytime.

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