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The Experience:

Family Films


The day of the session will be very similar to a typical weekend morning or afternoon with your family. The film will usually start in and around your home and will capture your everyday life moments. If your routine involves going to the park, grocery store or out for ice cream, let's include that as well! There's no need to deep clean your home beforehand. In fact, doing household chores you would normally do with your children are an example of those moments not typically captured but show quiet moments that you'll want to cherish forever. 

Your child's laugh
ter or how they sing and dance are those little details you'll want to remember years after they've grown into adulthood. It's also special to film parents interacting with their children because when your child is older, they will start to appreciate more and more their family film to look back on the meaningful everyday life details with their parents, to see them when they were young and how they remember them from when they were children.

Depending on which part of your day you treasure most, be it early morning cuddles and making pancakes to going to the park and coming home to make dinner together, Nicole will be with your family for 3 to 4 hours filming.  There is no intervention, posing, or directing. You'll move through your day as you normally would, gradually getting used to having a camera in your home! I try to be as non-intrusive as possible and will calm any concerns you may have about filming.


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