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What type of photo sessions do you offer?
I primarily photograph families and children but will occasionally photograph newborns, engagements, elopements and weddings as well. I also offer short family films to capture your favorite moments in motion! Click here for more info on family films.

What is your photo session process in a nutshell?
1.) Contact me with a couple of weekend dates you're hoping for and I'll check my availability. 2.) Once shoot is scheduled, you'll fill out a couple forms, sign a contract, pay the fee and we'll have the shoot! 3.) Within 1 to 3 weeks after session, you'll receive your password-protected, online gallery of your final, edited images (30+ images) 4.) Download your images for keeps!

What do I wear?!?
First, don't stress! I just have a few simple no-no's but most of the time, my clients can find something already in their closets and they don't  need to go shopping for new clothes. Keep it simple, keep it casual. Most importantly, we want you to feel the most comfortable in your clothing. I have a whole page dedicated to wardrobe ideas, tips, and guidelines to help you out but you can always ask me for further assistance if you need.

Do I need to get professional makeup done for the shoot?
Most all of my clients do not get professional makeup done. Again, keep it simple, keep it casual. I'm all about photographing you as you are in your every day life. You are beautiful the way you are, you really are!

I'm not sure my kiddos will last longer than 10 minutes!
I understand! I have a few tips on how to get your children excited and well-behaved for the shoot which will be in the guide I send you.. The shoot can be quick or slower paced depending on your family's attention span. I can get you quality shots in 20 minutes if needed. I've worked in schools and other educational settings for over 10 years, so I've met all personality types and can easily adapt to the need of the child. I'm very patient and if we need to shoot in between fits of tears, or if I need to wear my tennis shoes to keep up with their energy level, I can do that!

Can we reschedule? We've been having a really....really bad day. Is there a fee?
We can absolutely reschedule. No matter the hour (unless it's an adventure shoot), no additional fees, no questions asked.

It's raining! Now what?
When you schedule a session with me, I block out the WHOLE day for you, even if we aren't meeting until evening. The reason is because the forecast might say rain for a certain part of the day, then will only be cloudy the rest of the day (Oregon weather, am I right?!). I'm flexible on your session date in case we need to adjust the time at the last minute.
Cloudy weather is actually great weather to shoot in because it naturally provides that soft light we are looking for. We could even get awesome rain shots. Dress your kiddos in rain boots and rain jacket and I'll bring an adorable umbrella for them! But if it's a serious downpour, then yes, let's reschedule. I typically won't cancel for weather purposes until 1 to 2 hours before a shoot because weather here does change so rapidly so I appreciate your flexibility as well!

What about a shoot location?
I have a list of favorite spots in various parts of the city and state, and can determine the right fit for you based on your family's needs and where you're located. Sometimes a client will want to shoot at their home or ask for a particular place in or around the city so let me know if that's you. Otherwise, I will gladly select from one of my favorites where I know the light and backdrops will be great.

Should I bribe my children to behave for a photo session?
Bribery has been known to be effective in my experience. For family FILMS, I do NOT recommend it, but for an hour photo session, it hasn't been a problem if you do this. For younger children, I always recommend bringing water and a snack they love (make sure it's not crumbly or changes the color of their tongue). Some of my clients like to reward their children with a fun activity the next day or extra dessert that night to keep them motivated throughout the shoot.

Can we have a photoshoot earlier in the day? My kid needs to get to bed early!
Soft lighting (an hour before sunset) is by far the most flattering light for your images and will be worth the effort.

I love your lantern photos! Can I get one with my child? Is there an added fee?
There is no added fee but to get a lantern photo. Safety is my number one priority, so let's discuss details over the phone!

Are you available on the weekends?
I typically shoot ONLY on the weekends! If you prefer a weekday shoot, let me know as soon as possible and we can most likely make it work!

Will you travel? 
I love to travel! I have friends and family from corner to corner in Oregon, Idaho and Washington so in these particular states, travel fees may be less if I don't need to book a hotel room. Contact me for more info!

I still have questions. Can I contact you?
Of course! Email works best, but a text or phone call works, too! I look forward to hearing from you!


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