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Alabama Farm Life

Last month I had the amazing experience of staying on a friend's farm - it was great spending time with these wonderful people - they have such a positive energy and I feel lucky to know them. Being on a farm is also my dream photography location so I was anxious to get out my gear and start clicking away. I could have easily spent all day every day photographing but I didn't want the kids to burn out - I always have to remind myself that their attention spans most likely will not last as long as mine.

As I drove up their driveway for the first time, I was in awe of the bucolic beauty and couldn't wait to capture all this countryside. This wasn't just any farm, but a picturesque one, filled with white country fences, tall green grass and pastures, a rustic red barn, and a beautiful southern house. I get out of my car and who comes to greet me but a sweet little girl holding a kitten (!!!) in her arms. I don't think that kitten left the girls' arms the whole weekend. I was in photography paradise. Here are some of the images captured on this beautiful Alabama farm.


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