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My dream camera 5d Mark iii

I am so thrilled to finally hold in my hands my dream camera - the Canon 5d Mark iii. While my wish list of lenses is quite extensive and much more appealing to me at this moment in time, there is a huge value into having two cameras at every shoot. 1.) I don't have to change lenses as often; I can simply save time during a shoot and just switch cameras. 2.) In the unfortunate event that one of my cameras malfunctions, I have the added security of the backup camera. 3.) The 5d Mark iii camera is just so nice. I am constantly amazed at its ability to shoot with high ISO with very little noise, making shooting in low light a possibility when it wasn't before. The image quality is greater and offers more bells and whistles than my Canon 70D (even though I think the 70D is still a great camera). Looking forward to shooting with it at my future sessions!

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