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Ending on a Good Note

My time in Chattanooga is quickly coming to an end and while I am sometimes excited about the new adventures ahead, I am very sad to say goodbye to the many wonderful friends and memories I have made here.

While I didn't start my photography business here initially, it's the place where I grew the most as a professional photographer and I'm going to miss my clients and the places I shoot at regularly.

Below are images from the last photoshoot here in Chattanooga before moving to Portland, Oregon. (Although, I will be flying back to Chattanooga several times throughout the upcoming year, so it's not the LAST last photoshoot, but still...) and I couldn't have asked for a better shoot.

The family was sweet and amazing, their outfits were PERFECT for the setting - an idyllic farm (Shoutout to: The Barn at High Point Farms!!) and even though just a couple hours before, the weather was cloudy and looked like a storm was approaching, the sun peaked out just for us.

Did I mention that as we were concluding the shoot, a goat comes up to us to get his portrait taken, too? It was a dream!! So here's to Chattanooga, to all my wonderful and amazing families I have photographed, to the farms and other locations I've shot at, you will be missed. I hope it's not "the end" and that our paths cross soon again.

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