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Beautiful Backyard Wedding in Albany, Oregon

I had the honor of photographing my cousin's wedding while visiting family in Oregon this summer. My mother and sister were wonderfully willing to be my assistants throughout the entire wedding which is no simple task. Instead of getting to visit in length with family members, they loyally followed me every step of the way, holding a reflector, a flash, or helping pose the bride in her beautiful gown.

Kara, (the bride) was so at ease and trusting, especially during the bridal shoot when I asked her to pose on a bed in front of a window. I couldn't help but wonder if she was second guessing my decision to shoot here on a bed with a bunch of stuff crowding all around. When I showed her the image after I snapped the shutter, she understood. Coming through these large windows behind her was the most beautiful light, I couldn't resist using it and it became one of my favorite images. Thank you, Kara, for putting your trust in me to photograph your most memorable day!

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